Apr 15

Board Retreat 2021

Join us for some strategic planning fun!

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Apr 28
Apr 28

IFMA Outdoors - April 2021

Join us outdoors for some fun

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Apr 29

April Knosh & Know 2021

Join us to learn more about CU Anschutz Health Sciences Building

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May 5
May 19
Jun 3

Summer Social 2021

Save the date for this HUGE PARTY!

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Jun 16

SFP 2021

Earn your SFP

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Jun 21
Aug 10

Essentials of FM 2021 Course

Learn the language of FM through the Essentials of Facility Management

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is my username?

A. Your username is the email you used when you enrolled as a member. (ex. [email protected])

Q. What is my password?

A. Your password is emailed to you from the chapter, once you join. You can change it once you login or call the office to have it reset at 303-321-8548. Please note, you login to headquarters and the chapter are two seperate logins.

Q. How do I login to my Chapter Member account?

A. Click here for Member Login instructions. Click here for YouTube Video.

Q. How can I register for a event.

A. Click here for Event Registration instructions. Cick here for YouTube Video.

Q. How can I cancel my event registration?

A. Click here for Event Cancellation instructions. Clik here for YouTube Video.

Q. How do I login to my IFMA Member account?

A. Click here for IFMA Member Login instructions. Click here for YouTube Video.

Q. How to search the member directory?

A. Click here for the Member Directory Search instructions. Click here for YouTube Video.

Q. How to search the Industry Category search? 

A. Click here for the Industry Category Search  instructions. Click here for YouTube Video.

Q. How do I get involved in the Chapter?

A. There are manys to get involved in the chapter.

  • Attend monthly luncheons and other Chapter events. They are great opportunities for networking and getting to know members. For FMs you get to meet associate members that offer services and products that you might be in need of. For associate members you get to meet professional members that are in need of your services and products
  • Volunteer for a one-time event when you are limited on time you can commit.
  • Volunteer for Community Service events that helps those who are in need.
  • Join a committee which supports the Chapter's Strategic Plan and promoting the FM profession. All the committees are always in need of great talent and new ideas.

If you want to join a committee, click
Committee Volunteer List to make a request.

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Q. What is the IFMA Knowlege Library?

A. Provides access to IFMA's articles, benchmarking, research, videos, and more.

Q. How do I access the IFMA Knowledge Library?

A. Click here to acesss the IFMA Knowledge Library.

Q. What educational programs are offered by the Chapter?


  • The Essential of Facllity Management (EoFM). Click here EoFM to learn more.
  • Facility Management Professional (FMP). Click FMP to learn more.
  • Sustainabliltiy Facility Professional (SFP). Click here SFP to learn more.
  • Certified Facility Manager (CFM). Click here CFM to learn more.

Q. What other educational opportunities do the Chapter offer?

A. The semiars during its monthly luncheons with a wide range of topics based on member request. The Chapter also offers Knosh N Know luncheon seminars from facility roundtables discussions to facility trends and operations.

Q. Where can I find the list of the opportunities?

A. They can be found on the Chapter's calendar. Click here Calendar to learn more.

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