Become a Denver Chapter of IFMA Annual Partner

The Award Winning Denver Chapter of IFMA Values Your Support

THE IMPACT…Your partnership dollars play a significant role to assist the us to:

  • Provide Rich Networking Opportunities for all 400+ Denver Chapter of IFMA Members

  • Allow the Denver Chapter of IFMA to keep Membership Dues low, making the Denver Chapter one of the most affordable Professional Associations in the State of Colorado

  • Enhance Professional Development

  • Offer Outstanding Educational Programs and Events

  • Support our Denver Chapter of IFMA Operations

THE VALUE…Why you should support the Denver Chapter of IFMA:

  • Ranked among the “Top Ten” IFMA Chapters in the World

  • Provides a Vibrant Networking Forum for Facility Managers and Industry Partners

  • Provides Year-Round Professional Growth and Education Opportunities to 400+ Members

  • Advance the Facility Management Profession and Industry

  • Contribute to “Best Business Practices” for Facility Management

  • Assist ALL Members in Advancing their Professional Careers


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(Closes 2/28/2020 for the year. We will open partnership opportunities again in the Fall of 2020 for the following year.)

Titanium - $8,800

Platinum - $5,500

Gold - $3,300

Silver - $2,200

Bronze - $1,100