Get your copy of the IFMA Foundation Global Pandemic Manual

Get your copy of the IFMA Foundation Global Pandemic Manual to support your buildings reopening safely.

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Meet our Membership Co-Chair - Bethany Kraak

My introverted side is loving the excuse to avoid people and instead embrace my loved ones at home during this unnerving season. This has allowed for me to spend time with and be there when my son took his first steps. Finding a routine with a 1 year old by your side is challenging, but we are constantly turning Amazon boxes into new and different toys to allow for hopefully 5 minutes straight work time. Naps are a blessing! It is my goal to support my network, friends and family in any way possible including connecting and reconnecting. We are still taking weekend walks from our neighborhood in order to recharge and be ready to meet the next week head on!

Pictures of my coworkers and weekend walkers are above.

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Meet the Denver Chapter of IFMA President

Lorie Libby – Member of IFMA since 2007
Allied Universal Security Services, Business Development Manager since 2007

I am an incredibly social person and I have worked with my company since 2007 and I am so comfortable with a full schedule buzzing from appointment to appointment.  The way I do business has had to change quickly and suddenly I find myself missing my crazy schedule. I am getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in this new work space and resisting the wine that lingers just below my workspace. I have been productive and already completed my first move project in the IFMA spirt. I successfully relocated my office to bar downstairs in record time. Surprisingly I didn’t even need to contact IT, and my movers (myself) were very cheap and efficient!  I am getting used to doing these virtual calls and have seen many videos of what not to do so I make sure I take these calls from the same spot in my house. I also have found some new usage for my Tupperware. In all the chaos I am thankful for being able to have the technology available to find new ways to connect with friends, family and coworkers! Thinking of all of you and looking forward to getting to the other side of this!

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Social Distancing - from our chapter manager...

How are you dealing with the new work at home/social distancing of today?

Share your story with us! [email protected] 


Debbie Reece, CMP; Chapter Manager, Denver Chapter of IFMA

When I look out my home office window, I see the beautiful open space of Commerce City Second Creek behind my cat, Lily. Working from home, with my whole family, has been fun and challenging all at the same time. I have worked from home for many years. I have a dedicated office space, computer and phone. But it did take some getting used to having the kids and husband home watching loud movies or doing homework while trying to take phone calls and continue on with work as “normal.” I now usually hear the laundry going next to my office, the cat meowing or scratching to get into my office, or the dog barking outside as a delivery truck zooms past. I have to stop work at a more regular time to make lunch for everyone and then dinner.

As I said good-bye to “me” time during lunch, I am grateful for the new things I now get instead. My husband is actually home to help with the kids and their studies. My kids get to interrupt me to look at their fun coloring or drawings. I get to visit my church from a Facebook live link on my couch in my PJ’s.  I choose to focus on the things I can still do. I am grateful for each day, for each meal, and for each hug from my healthy children and Husband.

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