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April Knosh & Know 2021


April 29, 2021 | 11:30 AM MDT - 12:30 PM MDT
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April 2021 Knosh and Know
Presenters: Sean T. Convery, PE; Principal/Mechanical Engineer (Cator, Ruma & Associates, Co)
Location: Zoom
Date/Time: 04-29-2021 (11:30-12:30)
Description/Title: CU Anschutz Health Sciences Building Mechanical Systems Case Study


The CU Anschutz Health Sciences Building is a new large multi-use building with great opportunities for energy savings, integrating multiple systems for common benefits and the challenges of a 7 story atrium in a complex building.  This presentation will focus on the following topics from a mechanical point of view:

  1. General overview of the building and the types of mixed use within this iconic building.
  2. Intelligent High Efficiency energy recovery system for laboratory and vivarium spaces.
  3. Indirect evaporative cooling for the exhaust air upstream of energy recovery coils.
  4. Integrating a Tier 3 data center cooling system with the energy recovery system for additional efficiency.
  5. Lighting Controls and HVAC integration.
  6. Challenges with a 7 story Atrium in a complex University building.


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