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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) was founded in 1980. Today it is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals. The Denver Chapter of IFMA was founded two years later in 1982, making it one of the original chapters since IFMA was established. Since the chapter was established, it has been the largest chapter in the state of Colorado and ranks the 7th largest chapter in the world with nearly 400 Denver members. IFMA international has more than 22,000 members worldwide.

In the past decade, the chapter has won numerous IFMA's Awards of Excellence as a large chapter to include: The 2020 Large Chapter of the Year, 2007 Website, 2008 Membership, 2008 Professional Development, 2009 Large Chapter of the Year, 2010 Newsletter, 2011 Website, 2011 Membership, 2014 Professional Development, 2018 Professional Development, 2018 Government Affairs and 2019 Facility Management Innovation. The awards reflect the chapter's commitment to IFMA's mission of "globally advance and support the practice of the facility management profession." Annually the chapter reviews and updates its Strategic Plan to ensure it is matched with IFMA's Strategic Road Map. Learn more on the chapter's Strategic Plan


IFMA is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting over 22,000 members in more than 10​0 countries. Learn more about IFMA or join today!

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Upcoming Events

Board Retreat 2021

  April 15, 2021

  12:00 AM MDT

  Bronco's Stadium

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SFP Course

  April 28, 2021

  8:00 AM MDT

  Virtual with other chapters at ONE location locally: Bijou Room at the Open Spaces office (6934 S. Lima Street, Englewood, CO 80112)

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IFMA Outdoors - April 2021

  April 28, 2021

  4:00 PM MDT

  North Table Mountian

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We have started a new Mentor Program for members. Together with the membership committee and Past President, we will help identify and connect potential mentees, with mentors. Initially three to five chapter members will be selected as mentors who have at least five years-experience in facility management and the chapter. Also, the needs of the mentee will be considered: for someone who works in the public sector, a mentor with public sector experience will be sought out. As the program develops, a mentor chairperson will be assigned to oversee this program.

Mentors will reach out at least on a monthly basis to check-in with the mentee on how they are doing and what issues or concerns they may have with their work. Mentees will need to provide three to five points they want to focus on during their time to help the communication to be focused on the mentees goals. Communication can take place as the mentor and mentee’s agree; in person, phone call, email, other. If your interested, please email us by clicking below.



As an international association representing individuals of every nationality, race, culture, faith, age and gender, IFMA embraces and celebrates the diversity of our membership and the global facility management industry. As a community of colleagues and friends, we support each other in times of adversity. As a family of closely knit individuals, each of us feels deep sorrow, outrage and a desire to offer aid when any one of us is harmed, wronged or threatened. 

At IFMA, there is no tolerance for discrimination, harassment, insensitivity, inhumanity or cruelty against any individual or group. From leadership and staff to our chapters, councils and communities, we actively foster a culture that values and respects the worth of every human being, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone who engages with IFMA feels represented, supported, included, heard and cherished. 

Recent acts of brutality and injustice against African Americans in the United States have shaken us to our core. We’ve witnessed actions so unconscionable that silence and indifference are not acceptable. Even in this grave time of pandemic, we join in peaceful protest because change is needed to permanently and finally quash long unaddressed racial inequity. As we join the world in mourning George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other victims of prejudice, persecution and abuse, we also join other organizations that are taking a stand — not simply asking “what can we say,” but actively exploring “what can we do.” What actions can we take to show our solidarity, demonstrate our desire to make a difference, help our world heal and move forward in the right direction? As always, your association is here for you. IFMA’s focus is to provide a safe, welcoming, receptive and supportive environment for you to learn, network, and enrich your professional and personal lives. IFMA embraces and celebrates the diversity of our membership and the global facility management industry. 

Our community is built on and sustained by collaboration, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, a commitment to excellence, appreciation and recognition. Facility management professionals are adept at taking care of what’s entrusted to us. From the heart of your association comes a promise...we will continue to stand with our community, our colleagues, our friends and family in the demand for fair treatment and a voice given to all who have a right to be heard.