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Opening New Doors 2020

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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) was founded in 1980. Today it is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals. The Denver Chapter of IFMA was founded two years later in 1982, making it one of the original chapters since IFMA was established. Since the chapter was established, it has been the largest chapter in the state of Colorado and ranks the 8th largest chapter in the world. In the past decade, the chapter has won numerous IFMA's Awards of Excellence as a large chapter to include: 2007 Website, 2008 Membership, 2008 Professional Development, 2009 Large Chapter of the Year, 2010 Newsletter, 2011 Website, 2011 Membership, 2014 Professional Development, 2018 Professional Development, 2018 Government Affairs and 2019 Facility Management Innovation. The awards reflect the chapter's commitment to IFMA's mission of "globally advance and support the practice of the facility management profession." Annually the chapter reviews and updates its Strategic Plan to ensure it is matched with IFMA's Strategic Road Map. Learn more on the chapter's Strategic Plan


Denver Chapter of IFMA Scholarships 

Each year, the Denver Chapter offers scholarships to attend the Chapter Certification workshop courses: CFM, FMP and SFP, as well as the IFMA USA World Workplace and Facility Fusion. 

Applicants for all are selected each year with the goal to further their education with IFMA's established resources, to advance the facility management profession. The eligibility is for those who an employer do not fund education or when a member facing a financial hardship.  Members may receive scholarship awards to only one of the upcoming, local as available educational workshop programs to assist in earning either an FMP or SFP credential or attending the comprehensive CFM review workshop.  Please note: The actual CFM advanced designation exam is a separate process.

APPLY FOR A FACILTY FUSION SCHOLARSHIP - April 14-16, 2020, San Francisco, CA

Coming Soon - World Workplace 2020 Scholarship to Chicago in September 2020.


We have started a new Mentor Program for members. Together with the membership committee and Past President, we will help identify and connect potential mentees, with mentors. Initially three to five chapter members will be selected as mentors who have at least five years-experience in facility management and the chapter. Also, the needs of the mentee will be considered: for someone who works in the public sector, a mentor with public sector experience will be sought out. As the program develops, a mentor chairperson will be assigned to oversee this program.

Mentors will reach out at least on a monthly basis to check-in with the mentee on how they are doing and what issues or concerns they may have with their work. Mentees will need to provide three to five points they want to focus on during their time to help the communication to be focused on the mentees goals. Communication can take place as the mentor and mentee’s agree; in person, phone call, email, other. If your interested, please email us by clicking below.