About Us

We are a diverse and friendly group of facilities professionals who enjoy sharing knowledge through networking. Founded on March 18, 1982, Denver is one of the original chapters in the association. With nearly 400 members, the Denver Chapter of IFMA is the one of the largest in the Southwest Region of the United States and ranks 5th largest Chapter in IFMA overall with 130+ chapters and more than 22,000 members worldwide in 2020.


Serve as the resource and representative for facility management in the greater Denver Metropolitan area and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

The Denver Chapter of IFMA is a professional organization dedicated to connecting, advancing and promoting the Facility Management profession through informational and educational interaction.

Strategic Plan

Goal I (Stakeholder)

  • Support an organization that promotes vitality, momentum, and impact for the facility management profession.

Goal II (Operational Excellence)

  • Anticipate, prioritize and commit the resources required to enhance effective delivery of member benefits and services.

Goal III (People Perspective)

  • Acknowledge excellence and inspire passion for the Denver Chapter that compels facility stakeholders to engage in the IFMA network as volunteer leaders.

Goal IV (Financial Perspective)

  • Sustain the chapter's financial strength to achieve and fulfill our mission.

Goal V (Direction of Donation Funds)

  • Directing donations from the Denver Chapter of IFMA to the IFMA Foundation and charitable organizations.

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IFMA has announced the winners of the 2018 Awards of Excellence at its World Workplace Conference and Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The annual awards honor the stand-out achievements of IFMA members, chapters, councils and communities. “Behind each of these awards is the hard work and dedication of FM professionals to achieve results and contribute to something larger then themselves,” said Graham Tier, CFM, FMP, MRICS, chair of IFMA’s global board of directors. “Everything that IFMA accomplishes as a global leader in FM is directly attributable to the effort of our members. We recognize these efforts with awards to demonstrate our appreciation as a community. The Awards of Excellence are our chance to step back and recognize how far we’ve come as an association and an industry, and to thank those colleagues who have set the pace.”

The Denver Chapter of IFMA is the only Chapter to win awards in two categories in 2018: Professional Development & Government Affairs Awards. In 2019 we won the Facility Management Innovation Award for combining chapter efforts to help provide certification workshop courses  for the SFP


  • In total, the Denver Chapter of IFMA has won 12 awards. 
  • Chapter of the Year Award: 2009, 2020 (One additional award was given for Chapter Excellence prior to the AoE program beginning in the early 80’s before it was chappter the Awards of Excellence).
  • No other IFMA chapter has won as many awards between 2010-2020 than Denver.


As an international association representing individuals of every nationality, race, culture, faith, age and gender, IFMA embraces and celebrates the diversity of our membership and the global facility management industry. As a community of colleagues and friends, we support each other in times of adversity. As a family of closely knit individuals, each of us feels deep sorrow, outrage and a desire to offer aid when any one of us is harmed, wronged or threatened. 

At IFMA, there is no tolerance for discrimination, harassment, insensitivity, inhumanity or cruelty against any individual or group. From leadership and staff to our chapters, councils and communities, we actively foster a culture that values and respects the worth of every human being, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone who engages with IFMA feels represented, supported, included, heard and cherished. 

Recent acts of brutality and injustice against African Americans in the United States have shaken us to our core. We’ve witnessed actions so unconscionable that silence and indifference are not acceptable. Even in this grave time of pandemic, we join in peaceful protest because change is needed to permanently and finally quash long unaddressed racial inequity. As we join the world in mourning George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other victims of prejudice, persecution and abuse, we also join other organizations that are taking a stand — not simply asking “what can we say,” but actively exploring “what can we do.” What actions can we take to show our solidarity, demonstrate our desire to make a difference, help our world heal and move forward in the right direction? As always, your association is here for you. IFMA’s focus is to provide a safe, welcoming, receptive and supportive environment for you to learn, network, and enrich your professional and personal lives. IFMA embraces and celebrates the diversity of our membership and the global facility management industry. 

Our community is built on and sustained by collaboration, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, a commitment to excellence, appreciation and recognition. Facility management professionals are adept at taking care of what’s entrusted to us. From the heart of your association comes a promise...we will continue to stand with our community, our colleagues, our friends and family in the demand for fair treatment and a voice given to all who have a right to be heard. READ MORE