Apr 15

Board Retreat 2021

Join us for some strategic planning fun!

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Apr 28
Apr 28

IFMA Outdoors - April 2021

Join us outdoors for some fun

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Apr 29

April Knosh & Know 2021

Join us to learn more about CU Anschutz Health Sciences Building

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May 5
May 19
Jun 3

Summer Social 2021

Save the date for this HUGE PARTY!

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Jun 16

SFP 2021

Earn your SFP

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Jun 21
Aug 10

Essentials of FM 2021 Course

Learn the language of FM through the Essentials of Facility Management

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Certified Facility Manager® (CFM)

Earn recognition for your expertise

IFMA's premier credential for experienced facility professionals.

The Certified Facility Manager® (CFM) credential sets the industry standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers as the most respected and recognized global credential in facility management. 

IFMA's certification process is designed to assess competency in the field through work experience, education and the ability to pass a comprehensive exam that cover 11 competencies: 

  1. Communication
  2. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
  3. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
  4. Finance and Business
  5. Human Factors
  6. Leadership and Strategy
  7. Operations and Maintenance
  8. Project Management
  9. Quality
  10. Real Estate and Property Management
  11. Technology

The CFM Exam is competency-based testing what a person can do compared to standards that define the practice of facility management. One cannot take a course or simple knowledge-based exam to earn the credential. IFMA's competency-based program is at a higher level than a knowledge-based program, reflecting the growing importance of facility management in the international business world. Since the program began in 1992, more than 3,100 facility managers from 32 countries have achieved this prestigious recognition. 

Learn about the benefits and details of becoming a CFM.  

CFM Workshop - Now a Three day course - June 13, 14, and 15, 2021

CFM-3 day workshop- includes materials $1,200 for members,  $1500 for non-members.

If you already have your CFM materials and just need a refreshercourse or final prep prior to your exam then the cost is just $600.


How Much DOes it COst to Apply for the CFM?


How do I become credentialed?

  1. Meet specific eligibility requirements.
  2. Assess your readiness and prepare for the exam. Although no specific coursework is required, IFMA provides a variety of resources to help prepare CFM candidates.
  3. Submit your application through the IFMA website.
  4. Schedule and pass the exam. After receiving IFMA approval, schedule an appointment to take the exam at one of Prometric’s centers. The 4-hour exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, administered through a computer-based testing (CBT) format.


Are there prerequisites or eligibility requirements to take the CFM Exam?

Announcement – CFM Eligibility Requirements have changed!

To be eligible to sit for the CFM Exam, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements. As expectations in the world of FM become increasingly complex, IFMA strives to make it simpler for FMs to make the most of professional development opportunities. The eligibility requirements for the CFM Exam have changed. While the requirements for this respected certification are still rigorous, the policy has been simplified.

After submitting my CFM Exam application, how long will it take to get my CFM credential?

  • Once your CFM Exam application and payment are submitted, IFMA will review your application and you will be notified of the outcome by email. The approval process may take up to 21 business days.
  • Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions for registering for the exam. You will need to schedule and pass the exam.
  • The CFM application should be completed only when you are sure that you are ready to sit for the exam. If you need assistance in determining whether your education and experience fit the exam requirements, please contact [email protected]


How do I get reimbursed for the CFM Exam through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) under the G.I. bill?

gi_bill   For more information and details, click here.


How many questions need to be answered correctly to pass the exam?

The test is pass/fail, we do not release the passing cut score.


What if I don't pass the first time? When can I retake it?

Individuals who have taken the CFM Exam but have not passed it within 12 months are eligible to retake the CFM exam at a reduced retake fee. All other applicants should complete the standard application.


How long do I have to take the exam once I apply? Does it expire?

Candidates must take the exam within three months of application acceptance and payment.


What if I can’t take the exam once I schedule it?

Prometric’s policy for Cancellation, Rescheduling, No Show or Late Arrival for Scheduled Test):
For each candidate who reschedules, cancels, arrives late or does not appear for a scheduled test during the Cancellation/Reschedule Period set forth below, Prometric shall be entitled to the following Cancellation/Rescheduling Fees for such candidate:

Category Cancellation/Reschedule Period Fee
1 31 days or more No charge
2 5 to 30 calendar days prior to test $40 fee collected by Prometric
3 a) less than 5 days before test date,
b) fails to appear for a scheduled test,
c) presents himself/herself more than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time for taking the test and is refused admission
The full Test Delivery Fee for the cancelled/rescheduled test

Within the United States and Canada, candidates must make and confirm all cancellations/changes through direct contact with Prometric Testing Center personnel or if available for the program, through the Prometric Website or IVR system. Leaving a message on a recorder or a voice mail is not sufficient to confirm cancellation/change. Outside of the United States and Canada, candidates must make and confirm all cancellations/changes via the Prometric Website or by direct contact with the Prometric Testing Center.

Do I have to recertify?

The CFM certification is valid for three years. Visit https://www.fm.training/cfm-recertification for more details.


What is the difference between a certification and a certificate program?

It is the role of TRAINING and its relationship to credentialing that sets these two types of credentials apart. The primary focus of a knowledge-based and/or assessment-based certificate program is to deliver education and training. This credential is directly linked to a training course, that the student must complete, and the credential is proof that its holder has completed the course and achieved its prescribed outcomes. Hence, the purpose of a certificate program is to educate participants, and the assessment is used as a mirror to prove that the associated learning outcomes have been completed. A professional certification, on the other hand, is independent of a training course. The primary focus of a professional or personnel certification is an assessment. Moreover, the assessment conducted by a certification program is independent of a specific class, course, or other education/training program and also independent of any provider of classes, course or programs. With professional certification, the examination is used not as a mirror but as a screen – to separate those who meet the assessment standards from those who do not.

How do I become an IFMA member?

Go to www.ifma.org/membership  to learn more about becoming an IFMA member. Membership in IFMA shall consist of individuals who support the purposes, vision, mission, goals, core values and Code of Ethics of the Association. You may join as a Professional Member, Associate Member, Young Professional Member, or a Student Member. Join online and become a member by completing the online membership application at www.ifma.org/membership/mem_apps.cfm.